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By SSG Chris M’

On a recent day out with my wife and kid, we happened upon the Alaskan Veteran Museum. The museum highlights Alaska's rich military history since the Civil War, as well as highlighting the prominent military heroes of our 49th state. One thing that stood out during our visit was just how entranced my son was with all of the information he was absorbing. Indeed, it was a proud parental moment. Instead of the things kids typically get excited about nowadays, he was genuinely amazed by all he was seeing and hearing.

I think about the days this country endured during previous wars, particularly World War II and how the majority of men longed to serve their country in the face of such harrowing strife, America had men going off the rails if they were found unfit for service. What happened to those days? How have we gone from such an overall strong national pride to mobs of malcontents burning our flag in the streets? When did it become vogue to openly hate our homeland and the principles on which it was founded?

As someone from a family of many past and present day service members, I believe deeply that it is so important that we teach our children to have pride in their country and military. I pray that one day my son will follow in my footsteps and serve his country, just like the innumerable men and women who have come before him, even if for only one enlistment.



We are honored to welcome Chris as a contributing writer!
Chris is a 15P (Aviation Operations Specialist) with almost 12 years in the Army. He comes from a proud military family, has 7 deployments under his belt and has served with 3ID, 160th SOAR, 1CD and 4/25 BCT. He has an associates degree in Military History and is nearing his BA in Military Leadership.

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