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Posted on July 07 2017

I recently graduated from the what the US Army calls SLC (Senior Leaders Course) for NCOs (Non Commissioned Officers). While there, I listening to stories and issues from across the Army. I feel the need to say the following and what better way to start my writing career for 7.62 Design? Here it goes…
To all NCOs out there, here is some food for thought; start living by the NCO creed! If you're not going to then GET OUT, because you are not needed (and this is directed specifically at Senior NCOs).
I'm tired of seeing Soldiers and Junior NCOs mistreated because you don't live by the creed. If you are going to tell a Soldier something then follow through with your words. Otherwise, don't tell them you're going to do something, as that's how they lose their trust and confidence in you. Also, I'm pretty sure there's something in the creed that reads 'I will earn their trust and confidence'. Maybe I'm wrong (or I've been reading it wrong the whole time), but when I say NCO creed I am referring to the US Army’s. However, I would venture to say our other services profess something similar to your NCOs, so this applies to everyone out there.
We NCOs need to start taking our services back and that begins by policing each other and fixing ourselves first. Until we do this, how can we welcome others to our community (or tell them to stay out of NCO business)?


We are honored to welcome Chris as a contributing writer!

Chris is a 15P (Aviation Operations Specialist) with almost 12 years in the Army. He comes from a proud military family, has 7 deployments under his belt and has served with 3ID, 160th SOAR, 1CD and 4/25 BCT. He has an associates degree in Military History and is nearing his BA in Military Leadership.


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